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Which Edition of Sage Accpac WMS Is Right for You?

Modules Sage Accpac WMS 100 Edition Sage Accpac WMS 200 Edition Sage Accpac WMS 500 Edition
Packing Station Yes Yes Yes
RF Picking Yes Yes Yes
RF Receiving Yes Yes Yes
RF Locator Yes Yes Yes
UPS Shipping * Yes Yes Yes
Web Dispatch Yes Yes Yes
Order Management Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Zone Optional Yes Yes
EOL & Shipping Optional Yes Yes
Lots / Serial / Expiry Optional Yes Yes
Advanced Replenishment Optional Yes Yes
Kitting Optional Yes Yes
Putaway / Slotting / Cube / Weight Optional Yes Yes
Multi-Carrier Shipping * Optional Yes Yes
Multi-Location / Site Transfer *# Optional Yes Yes
Container Receiving Optional Optional Yes
RMAs Optional Optional Yes
Packaging Optional Optional Yes
Carousels / Conveyors Optional Optional Yes
Multi-Company Optional Optional Yes
Vendor Portal/Cross Dock Optional Optional Yes
Demand Forecasting Optional Optional Optional
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Optional Optional Optional

*Requires the “EOL & Shipping” Module
# Requires the “Multi-Zone” Module

Packing Station

This module is used for non-RF picking and packing. It gives you the ability to create carton-level ASNs, to support wave-batch collection in the warehouse, and repacking to multiple cartons. You would normally use a fixed position PC with a tethered scanner for this module.

RF Picking

This module is for multiple styles of radio frequency-based picking, picking stations, split pack-sizes, batch-picking and repacking, shipment labels, and warehouse packing slips.

RF Receiving

This module supports paperless check-in, and product and  carton labeling. It also supports non-PO receiving, for warehouses that allow receipt of products into the warehouse that do not appear on a purchase order.

RF Locator

This module supports bin labeling, real-time multi-bin stock locator, paperless adjustments, and real-time cycle counting.

UPS Shipping

Full two way integration to UPS World Ship system permits efficient shipping of packed cartons.

Web Dispatch

A Web-based user interface that displays sales, work and purchase orders, Web Dispatch allows managers to control order processing, monitor daily warehouse operations in real-time, and to generate current and historical reports.

Order Management

This module allows you to plan your warehouse activities, allocate stock to specific customers according to your corporate policies, and manage your fill rate and backorders.

Multi-carrier Shipping

Rate shopping, pre-release verification and pre-rating are provided through this integrated module.


A zone is an area within physical location where inventory is stored or different activities are performed. A zone serves to organize stock and warehouse staff workloads. This module allows you to define up to 26 zones and enables zone picking, pick and pass picking, multi-zone simultaneous and sequential picking, and replenishment by zone.

EOL and Shipping

This module provides Bills of Lading and lets you configure end of line (EOL) settings. EOL is a set of automatic processes that are to be executed once a sales order is completed. These processes include packing slips, carton content labels, and communication with integrated third-party shipping systems.


This module tracks product attributes such as lot number, serial number, and expiration date through the warehouse and provides advanced allocation and inventory controls for those attributes.

Advanced Replenishment

Advanced replenishment is the process of requesting that inventory be replenished from overstock bins to pick bins BEFORE the products are actually required to fill sales orders. Min/max replenishment is based on a pre-defined minimum quantity of product that must be in pick bins. Days-on-hand replenishment is based on a defined minimum number of days that the product must be available in pick bins.


A kit is a unique product composed of a number of other products, sold as a single unit. The kitting functionality enables the collecting and assembling of individual products to create a new, saleable product unit.


This module enables directed putaway, which allows a putaway driver to search for an appropriate bin to which to move a product. Suggestions are based on empty bins or current bin allocations. This module also allows slotting, cubing, and weight measurement to improve bin utilization.

Multi-location/Site Transfer

This module lets a single Sage Accpac WMS installation  manage multiple locations, control visibility between locations, and provide tools for efficiently transferring stock between locations.

Container Receiving

This module simplifies check-in, improves accuracy, and speeds your receiving operation by enabling the process of receiving products into the warehouse against the inbound manifest rather than individual purchase orders.


This module enables returned material authorizations (RMAs), which allow customers to return products to the warehouse.


The packaging functionality supports warehouses with substantial repackaging operations as it helps prioritize and manage the repackaging lines.


This module supports various brands of horizontal carousels and vertical lift modules (VLMs) as well as supports conveyor automation.


This module is for distribution centers that service multiple companies and are multi-company warehouses.

Vendor Portal/Cross-dock

This Web-based tool lets your suppliers create compliant SSCC-18 carton labels for inbound shipments to you. This provides your Sage Accpac WMS with an electronic notification of the inbound shipments and its contents, similar to receiving the same information via an ASN EDI.

Demand Forecasting

Extend your Sage Accpac WMS to activate the future demand forecasting component. By analyzing past sales records and using basic replenishment and safety stock calculations, Sage Accpac WMS automatically generates monthly forecasts of the products and quantities that are expected to be ordered.

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